Diamond Lock® is our exquisite infusion of Ultra-fine Merino wool from New Zealand with a military grade Beachwood cellulose fiber from Austria. Stronger than steel yet softer than silk, Diamond Lock is quickly gaining international recognition as a true super fabric. By utilizing an interlock knitting technique, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. Diamond Lock by Redox sets a new standard in comfort, performance, and durability. Most importantly, Diamond Lock redefines Environmental and Social responsible in the clothing industry.


Moisture Management, i.e. wicking: When you sweat, you need a garment to keep you dry. Diamond Lock fabrics actively disperses over 45% of their weight in moisture before saturation. Compare this to cotton (25%), merino wool (35%) or Synthetics (avg 5%). Moisture management is a key factor in thermoregulation.

Temperature Control, i.e. Thermoregulation: Diamond Lock brilliantly controls the microclimate of the body. With Diamond Lock, the skin’s surface moisture content is maintained within the 30-50 % (normal) range; even when exercising at temperatures of > 39 degrees Celsius.

In contrast, intense activity while wearing cotton or synthetics will cause the garment to become soaked - the fabric struggles to buffer skin moisture and moderate surface temperature. This is significant because prolonged exposure to humidity outside normal range (30-50%) can adversely affect temperature balance, leading to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

No Stink, i.e. Microorganism management: The antimicrobial properties of merino are world renown. Redox’s Diamond Lock further enhances this amazing property. The physical structure of the fibers creates an environment that inhibits bacterial growth, resulting in garments that resist stinking; you can wear even wear Redox garments multiple times before washing.

Performance Enhancing Garments: Diamond Lock is so efficient at temperature and moisture management that it is laboratory proven to increase athletic performance, allowing the user to perform more work before exhaustion. Your body spends less energy maintaining body temperature, allowing more available energy for work. Preventing a rise in Body Temperature also protects you from heat stroke and heat exhaustion.


Military Grade Protection: Military fibers provide military-grade protection. Diamond Lock exceeds the following laboratory results (230g/m² weight)

  • ATPV 7.1cal/cm² - HRC1

  • HAF - 76% (Radiant Heat Protection)

  • ASTM 1506

  • NFPA 70E

Our Mission

"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better: when it does not exist, design it..."

Sir Henry Royce

At Redox, we are driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence. By following our corporate values, Redox aims to provide the world with a new standard of high performance clothing. 

1. Give customers what they deserve.

2. NEVER sacrifice quality.

3. Challenge the Status Quo.

4. Relentless Passion for Innovation.

5. The 3 H's: Honesty, Humble, Humility.

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